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Delphic Set Release Date For Album

With their album set to be unleashed in early 2010, synth peddlers Delphic have revealed their track listing as well as their album’s name.

Entitled Acolyte, it will be released on January 11th. Recorded mainly in Berlin, it will feature ten tracks including the massive “This Momentary”.

The complete list is as follows:

  1. “Clarion Call”
  2. “Doubt”
  3. “This Momentary”
  4. “Red Lights”
  5. “Acolyte”
  6. “Halcyon”
  7. “Submission”
  8. “Counterpoint”
  9. “Ephemera”
  10. “Remain”

Even so early on in the year, it will no doubt prove to be a must have. Reserve your copy now.

(Image courtesy of Last Gas Station)


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Myspace Music Arrives In Britain

Social networking site Myspace has launched it’s new music streaming service in the UK. Said to match up to existing ones including Spotify and LastFM, the service will see music from all over the world available for listening.

As well as music, it will also feature video and multimedia content. And as if that is not enough, a partnership with Apple means that in one click, users will be able to download their favourite tracks via iTunes.

Kasabian and Delphic last night performed at London’s Club Heaven as part of the official launch party.

(Image courtesy of 3.bp)

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Take Your Seats

I really need to learn to post more regularly, I apologise once again. Hopefully I’ll get into the habit of it soon.

My idleness has given me a chance to stumble upon one of the best bands I’ve heard in a while, so it can’t be all bad. Irish act Two Door Cinema Club are currently on tour with the equally magnificent Delphic, but if you like your music less sensory abusive then the former definitely stand out.

With such a clarity of instrumentation and some really clever song writing they are a great live act. Like a slightly more dynamic, less pretentious Foals their clever riffs and intricacies are impressive. Vocalist Alex Trimble (I think it’s Alex, it doesn’t specify on their myspace, my apologies if not) has a voice full of such clarity and balance that it is hard to believe at first. Yet everything blends together so well and it is hard not to see these boys doing bigger things in the near future.

So here for your listening pleasure is “Do You Want It All?”. Enjoy

“Do You Want It All?” is available to download via Itunes

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