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That’s A Bingo!

Just out on DVD, you simply HAVE to see Inglourious Basterds (2009).

The latest effort from film god Quentin Tarantio, it follows a group of Jewish American soldiers across Europe during WWII. Their quest is simple: to kill as many Nazis as possible. Nicknamed “The Basterds” the troop is headed by Lt. Aldo Raine, superbly portrayed by Brad Pitt, and brings dry wit to some typically gory subject matter.

Far from being a one man film there are several stand out performances, most notably Christopher Waltz as the chilling”Jew Hunter” Hans Landa.

Being a solid Tarantion fan, there really are not enough words of praise for this film. Once again the perfect blend of violence, humour and stunning cinematography makes for a fantastic film.

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