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That’s A Bingo!

Just out on DVD, you simply HAVE to see Inglourious Basterds (2009).

The latest effort from film god Quentin Tarantio, it follows a group of Jewish American soldiers across Europe during WWII. Their quest is simple: to kill as many Nazis as possible. Nicknamed “The Basterds” the troop is headed by Lt. Aldo Raine, superbly portrayed by Brad Pitt, and brings dry wit to some typically gory subject matter.

Far from being a one man film there are several stand out performances, most notably Christopher Waltz as the chilling”Jew Hunter” Hans Landa.

Being a solid Tarantion fan, there really are not enough words of praise for this film. Once again the perfect blend of violence, humour and stunning cinematography makes for a fantastic film.

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Zoeey Deschanel To Release Second Album

Indie film star Zooey Deschanel is to release her second music album in April 2010. Most recently appearing on our screens in the wonderful 500 Days Of Summer, the talented lady will be focusing on Volume Two for the coming year.

The album will once again be produced by M Ward following their collaboration on her debut attempt, aptly titled Volume One. Ward will also be offering music contributions, with it’s entirety being written by Deschanel.

Having never head her music, I will be very interested come the album’s release. If she’s as talented a singer as she is actress, we could be in for a real treat.

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Actor Cage Turns On The Bright Lights

Hollywood heartthrob Nicolas Cage was an unlikely guest of honour as the city of Bath turned on their Christmas lights. Having apparently owned properties in and around the Somerset area for many years, Cage was invited to the event by a neighbour after she posted a letter through his door. The star thrilled thousands gathered to watch, joining in with the festivities and thanking the gathered crowd for their kindness and generocity.

It’s always nice to see a star pleasing the people. It’s also nice to see Nicolas Cage still so sought after. You have to wonder though, would so many have turned out if it was a new movie launch….Unfortunately, I doubt it.

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A Worthy Reminder

I know it’s a very old film but I’ve recently seen The Killing Fields (1984), and what an absolutely stunning film it is. Based on a true story about a journalist in Cambodia during the Vietnam War, it tells the shocking truth of the American governments disregard for human life, and the subsequent tyrannical rule under the Khmer Rouge and their leader Pol Pot.

With the war spilling over into neighbouring Cambodia, American Sydney Schandberg (Sam Waterstone) and his native accomplice Dith Pran (Haing S. Ngor) set about reporting the truth of the American government’s disregard for human life. Featuring a heart – renching storyline and some truly stunning performances, it is a film that not only conveys important meanings but entertains as well.

From a personal point of view, a film that paints journalists as compassionate, ethical people is inspiring to watch, as they are rather few and far between. Yet regardless of your profession, it is a poignant tale that will be enjoyed by all.

The Killing Fields is available on dvd now.

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New Moon Breaks Movie Records

Proof, as if we needed it, that the whole world has actually gone stark raving mad. On it’s first day in America alone, the vampire/werewolf teen fest made an unbelievable $72.7 million, an absolutely astounding amount and replacing The Dark Knight as the most popular movie of all time.

Let’s just put this into perspective for a minute; $72 million. That is about the debt of a small country, or the value of a moderately priced football club, or almost Cristiano Ronaldo. IN ONE DAY. As much as I hate to admit it, the makers must be doing something right somewhere.

What makes it even more astonishing is that one third of that (approximately $26.3 million) was taken from midnight screenings. MIDNIGHT SCREENINGS. That means that, if my rather rickety maths is correct, just over $2 million people stayed up and saw in a new day by seeing New Moon. Mental.

Maybe I’ve been missing something with this whole Twilight lark. Maybe I might have to watch it after all…

Facts and figures taken from

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Look Into My Eyes

I’ve recently been to see the curiously titled The Men Who Stare At Goats (2009). And trust me, as curious as the title is, it’s got nothing on the plot. Calling it confusing would be doing it down, but there were several instances where I found myself asking what was happening. Nevertheless, once you get to grips with it it is a very funny film indeed. With stand out performances from Ewan McGregor and the fantastic George Clooney. As a frustrated journalist and Psi Soldier respectively, they compliment each other marvelously with some hilarious results.

Special mention must also go to the evergreen Jeff Bridges. As fine an actor now as he always was, he steals the early part of the film with in amusing flashbacks involving drugs, dancing and of course, goats.

I would explain more of the plot, but I don’t want to spoil it for you. (And I don’t want to look stupid if I get it wrong.)

The Men Who Stare At Goats is out in cinemas now.

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Just Delightful

I bought I Love You Man (2008) on DVD a while ago having watched it at the cinema and practically crying with laughter for the duration of it. I watched it recently, only to get it off the shelf yet again for another go. It’s not hard to see what made it so successful, but no matter how many times I watch the laughs keep coming.

In arguably his best roll to date Paul Rudd does a marvelous job as the buddy-less lead Peter Klaven, with the always hilarious Peter Segel often providing the big belly laughs. Set against the beautiful Californian hills, tales of dog shit, The Incredible Hulk and bad nicknames are just the start of a well written and brilliantly executed plot. It also features a guest appearance from classic band Rush, a nice little music reference for you there.

So if you haven’t seen it yet, make sure you do. It’ll definitely be one to go back to time after time.

I Love You Man is available on DVD now.

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