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Far From Extinction

Innovative music is becoming increasingly few and far between. I’m not going to get all apocalyptic on you, honest, but such is the plethora of average acts around, it is always refreshing to discover a genuinely talented band. And none more so that The Last Dinosaur, a folk duo that craft their talent for the pleasure of others.

Comprised of Jamie Cameron and Luke Hayden, they create a sprawling, expansive blend of progressive folk to drop the jaw. Debut album Hooray! For Happiness contains such emotion and honesty that experiencing this band feels like a first meeting rather than a listen. May I introduce you to “Home”, and The Last Dinosaur. Enjoy.

Album Hooray! For Happiness is available now.


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Guess Who’s Back…

It’s been almost eight months, but CheckeredShirt is back on the road!

Due to a combination of a heavy work load and crippling laziness (mostly the laziness, I’m not gonna lie to you), these endeavours took somewhat of a back seat. But no more! CheckeredShirt will once again be bringing you the best in music and media in an honest, straight forward manner.

Add to that the addition of interviews, reviews, think pieces and more, and you have something worth waiting for. Yes, even an eight month wait. Honest.

(Image courtesy of skattersketch)

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