A Worthy Reminder

I know it’s a very old film but I’ve recently seen The Killing Fields (1984), and what an absolutely stunning film it is. Based on a true story about a journalist in Cambodia during the Vietnam War, it tells the shocking truth of the American governments disregard for human life, and the subsequent tyrannical rule under the Khmer Rouge and their leader Pol Pot.

With the war spilling over into neighbouring Cambodia, American Sydney Schandberg (Sam Waterstone) and his native accomplice Dith Pran (Haing S. Ngor) set about reporting the truth of the American government’s disregard for human life. Featuring a heart – renching storyline and some truly stunning performances, it is a film that not only conveys important meanings but entertains as well.

From a personal point of view, a film that paints journalists as compassionate, ethical people is inspiring to watch, as they are rather few and far between. Yet regardless of your profession, it is a poignant tale that will be enjoyed by all.

The Killing Fields is available on dvd now.

(Image courtesy of Havenaar)


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