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I bought I Love You Man (2008) on DVD a while ago having watched it at the cinema and practically crying with laughter for the duration of it. I watched it recently, only to get it off the shelf yet again for another go. It’s not hard to see what made it so successful, but no matter how many times I watch the laughs keep coming.

In arguably his best roll to date Paul Rudd does a marvelous job as the buddy-less lead Peter Klaven, with the always hilarious Peter Segel often providing the big belly laughs. Set against the beautiful Californian hills, tales of dog shit, The Incredible Hulk and bad nicknames are just the start of a well written and brilliantly executed plot. It also features a guest appearance from classic band Rush, a nice little music reference for you there.

So if you haven’t seen it yet, make sure you do. It’ll definitely be one to go back to time after time.

I Love You Man is available on DVD now.

(Image courtesy of i31)


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